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 Drill Sergeant

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PostSubject: Drill Sergeant   Drill Sergeant EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 8:47 pm

What if there was a Drill Sergeant much like the Conquest's slayer master
But the npc would actually be Reese, but anyhow
Drill Sergeant 251px-Reese
To unlock his real tasks you must complete the following quests

Sure your remarks are always "sir yes sir" but that's pretty much a cool idea for conquest

Drill Sergeant Reese_chathead
Quest name: Implementing supplies
Quest and reward:He will command you to get resources like 865 wood and 257 steel bars in exchange slugger title.
Description:If you want to be a soldier I'd expect you to act like one!!!, get us these resources to set up our campsite...

Drill Sergeant Sargeant_mad
Quest name: Do 1000 pushups!!!
Quest and reward:Kill 300 forgotten warriors and in return you get soldier title.
Description: You will do 100 push ups 100 situps and 100 pullups, do I have my self clear!!!

Drill Sergeant Bba6ea3955c95fb21617847f09056023
Task: Conquest
Task and reward:then he would command you to on your first boss hunting missions:example "kill 100 glacors!!!" in return you lose 500 hp and 10 gain conquest points
Description: The enemy is everywhere!!!, get in there and show them who's boss...well me of course...

Oh and there should also be camo with stats lol
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Drill Sergeant
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