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 Some Issues

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Some Issues Empty
PostSubject: Some Issues   Some Issues EmptyWed Jan 21, 2015 7:55 pm

1. Store link leads to an error (can still find where the store is if you look but at first glance people might miss it)
2. Raidcall link doesn't work
3. Red Bull isn't added as a Moderator

1. Leveling up Hunter brings up the Dung icon for the level up message
2. I can't remember the exact message, but there was a server message which had "to" instead of "too".
3. Some options for construction don't work (dining tables).
4. Advanced gnome agility gives less exp than regular barbarian course
5. Advanced barb agility isn't unlocked until 90 (in-game guide says 85)

These are the only things I can remember right now.
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Some Issues
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