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 Crystal Key Guide! ~ Divine ~

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Crystal Key Guide! ~ Divine ~ Empty
PostSubject: Crystal Key Guide! ~ Divine ~   Crystal Key Guide! ~ Divine ~ EmptySun Jan 25, 2015 4:27 pm

Welcome to my crystal key guide! I will be explaining how to obtain crystal keys, and where to use them!

How to Obtain Crystal Keys
To get crystal keys, you need to kill NPC's. Some of the bosses will drop full crystal keys, but other monsters drop parts. The loop-half and the tooth-half. Common monsters for these are slayer task monsters. To create a crystal key you need to use one tooth-half on one loop-half. This will give you one crystal key.

Where to Use Crystal Keys
To use the crystal keys you need to go to ;;home . Then, go north to where the blue portal is. On each side of the portal is a set of staircases, in front of those are brown wood chests with a yellow trim. These are the chests to use. Walk over to the chests and use your crystal key on it. This will give you random rewards!

You can get varies rewards from the crystal keys. These include trimmed armors, dragonstones, gold pieces, gilded armor, and even a chance to get Third-Age armor!

If you have any questions/concerns/comments please post a comment below! Good luck on loots!
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Crystal Key Guide! ~ Divine ~
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