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 1/29/2015 Changelog

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PostSubject: 1/29/2015 Changelog   Thu Jan 29, 2015 7:44 pm

Sorry everyone its been a hectic week or so we have been very busy but we have made alot of small changes over the last week but here are some of the bigger changes.

Added Construction
Added Squeal of Fortune
Fixed Glacors ( upped drop rates on boots now)
Added Toolbelt! ( need to make it so you can add any pickaxe/hatchet)
Added Low/High Alch
Added Enchanting
Added Slayer Tasks/Slayer Points to Quest tab
Added Dominion kills to Quest tab
Added Boss Kills to task tab
Added Jewel Crafting

Fixed Extreme range potion creation
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1/29/2015 Changelog
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