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 Bug List #1

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PostSubject: Bug List #1   Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:36 pm

1. The Frost Dragon's melee range is too far.
2. Dialogue is covering your chat box, you can still click through the chat box as if it wasn't even there.
3. Fletching regular short and longbows only fletches some and gives too much experience.
4. Sometimes when you tele home you'll experience lag and will have to reload the client.
5. Sometimes when a boss drops an item it appears in the sky so you cannot reach/obtain it.
6. The Kuradel Dungeon (Dragon Dungeon) level 90 agility shortcut does not fully work.
7. You cannot make scrolls by x10 or x5 if you have 4 or less.
8. You do not need the smithing requirement to make a Dfs (90)
9. The ::vote count timer is bugged and doesn't show the real time you have until your next vote. (Regular forum link works fine)
10. Herbicide from the Dungeoneering shop does not work.
11. Decanting potions does not work.
12. If you are in the bank interface looking at your equipped armor and click away to move without closing it, you will have to relog because the bank interface will not open.
13. If you click something that is a distance away, you will sometimes stop and it will say you cannot reach it.
14. The more you die at a boss the faster everything attacks.  (Makes it super deadly and almost impossible to kill)
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Bug List #1
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