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 Fishing Guide

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PostSubject: Fishing Guide   Fishing Guide EmptyTue Jan 13, 2015 5:03 am

So ok guys, to start fishing you'll only need around 1k gold to buy harpoon and small fishing net, start with catching shrimps and anchovies, one inventory of them is enough, bank it and take harpoon! start fishing tunas and swordfishes, do it till level 67-69. PS.  always bank fish you caught, you'll need it later on for cooking. when you're level 69 take small fishing net from your bank and search for fishing spot "net fishing spot" and "harpoon fishing spot" and start catching monkfishes, do it till level 76, prntscr.com/5rwwlc then and here you can pick to keep fishing monkfishes or to get harpoon and fish sharks, prntscr.com/5rwxbo and grind it till level 85~90 then you'll be able to catch cave fishes (with fishing rod) or rocktails (with living minerals)


So in summary
1 inventory of shrimps/anchovies
                   from lv 35 tuna/swordfishes
                   from lv 67-69 monkfishes
                   from lv 76 skarks
                   lv 85-90 lrc, fish cave fishes/rockies


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PostSubject: Re: Fishing Guide   Fishing Guide EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 9:30 pm

Decent guide, could use a little cleaning up tho tongue Thanks for the contribution.
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Fishing Guide
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