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  6/8/2017 Changelog

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 6/8/2017 Changelog Empty
PostSubject: 6/8/2017 Changelog    6/8/2017 Changelog EmptyThu Jun 08, 2017 5:42 am

Added Highscores!
Temporarily Fixed Agility shortcut in Kuradals Dragon Dungeon ( it didnt work like i wanted sleep deprived will fix later Smile )
Fixed Slayer shop bug not showing correct currency for the items.
Added Monkey, Bat, Wolf Bone burying.
Fixed Farming Shop
Buffed Combat XP
Buffed Mining XP
Nerfed Thieving XP
Buffer Hunter XP
Nerfed Agility XP
Added Drop chance look up! pretty cool imo
commands are ;;itemlookup itemname (shows your what drops the items and drop chance!)
;;npclookup npcname (shows you what the npc drops and drop chance !)
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6/8/2017 Changelog
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