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 Prayer Guide! ~ Divine ~

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Prayer Guide! ~ Divine ~ Empty
PostSubject: Prayer Guide! ~ Divine ~   Prayer Guide! ~ Divine ~ EmptySun Jan 25, 2015 10:00 am

Hello, and welcome to my Prayer guide! This guide will tell you how, and where, to train prayer with the most effect experience gains possible.
How and Where to Train
There are two ways to train Prayer, burying the bones and offering the bones. To bury the bones you simply click the bone in your inventory. To offer the bone, you use the bone on the altar at home. To get to the altar type ;;home and then open the door to the East. Inside the room go south and there's the altar. Using one bone on the altar uses every bone in your inventory at once. So, if you have a full inventory of dragon bones and use 1 on the altar all 28 bones will be offered at once, giving you the experience for all 28.
Where to Obtain Bones
Bones - Most NPC's will drop normal bones, for example Men, skeletons, goblins, etc.
Big Bones - Common among large NPC's, for example Hill Giants, Moss Giants, etc.
Dragon Bones - Dropped from all dragons, for example Green, Iron, Mithril, King Black Dragon, etc.
Dagannoth Bones - Dropped from the Dagannoth's, for example Dagannoth Rex, Supreme, and Prime.
Ourg Bones - Dropped from General Graardor.
Frost Dragon Bones - Dropped from Frost Dragons.
Alternatively, you can purchase bones from other players.

Bones and Experience
This is the list of how much experience each bones gives. The exp will go in order from burying, to offered on the altar, to offered on the altar while using Supreme Salvation/Corruption.
Bones - 1,250 - 5,000 - 5,125
Big Bones - 1,875 - 7,500 - 7,687.5
Dragon Bones - 7,500 - 12,500 - 12,812.5
Dagannoth Bones - 8,750 - N/A - N/A
Ourg Bones - 9,375 - 15,625 - 16,015.6
Frost Dragon Bones - 10,625 - 18,750 - 19,218.8

If you have any questions/concerns/comments, post a comment below! Good luck training your Prayer!
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Prayer Guide! ~ Divine ~
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