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 Commands Guide for Regular Players! ~ Divine ~

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PostSubject: Commands Guide for Regular Players! ~ Divine ~   Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:00 am

This will list most to all the commands for regular players. If you know of more that aren't on the list, post a comment and I will add!

::clearchat - This will clear your chatbox from all game messages, chats, yells, etc.
::home - This will send you home.
::setpass - This will let you set your password. Ex) ::setpass Bacon12
::hs / ::highscores - This will open an internet tab/window to the Conquest Hiscores.
::claim - Claims your vote reward.
::vote - Opens the voting website.
::empty - Empties your inventory. Includes every item. You CAN NOT get back items if you do this.
::kdr - Announces your Kill/Death ratio over your head and in your chatbox.
::train - Takes you to Rock Crabs.
::farming - Takes you to Catherby farming area.
::blink - Takes you to the boss Blink.
::players - Opens a window in game that shows who is online currently.
::lockxp - Locks and unlocks your experience gaining.
::forums - Opens an internet website to the Conquest home site.
::donate - Opens an internet website to the Conquest donating information.

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Commands Guide for Regular Players! ~ Divine ~
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