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 Money makeing guide

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PostSubject: Money makeing guide   Money makeing guide EmptyFri Feb 19, 2016 9:06 am

Easy Coins from Black Demons!
Money makeing guide Blackdemon
Drops 100-250k Coins every time + Rune stuff and even get some free food from it and its 1-150 Lobsters if you like summoning you can even get alot of charms from them!
About 30 kills 6-7m coins.

You can find Black Demons at-
First go home find Teleport ;;or ::home!
Money makeing guide Teleport
Then Chose Dungeon, Caves and slayer!
Money makeing guide Tab1
And finally chose next page and there you go you see Black Demons teleport!
Money makeing guide Tab2
GL whit money spending!
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Money makeing guide
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